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Soda Inspired Make-Up: Ruby Red Squirt Edition!

If I were to try this on, I swear I’d look like I got punched in the eye by the Koolaid man!


This Year’s Definite Do’s: 2012 Edition

Wanna know the in’s of this year’s fashion trends? Just check out our Do’s below!

  •  DO get funky and experiment with hairstyles. While “fishing” for some new ways to play with hair-cuts, I couldn’t help but notice the “fishtail braid”. It’s actually SUPER cool and has been worn SEVERAL ways!!! Go ahead, try to pull the fishtail braid off!
  • DO change your look from glamour to nerd with some hot, old school glasses. But don’t opt for just ANY pair of big glasses! Choose ones that’ll make an intriguing statement with your outfits. And that’s not all! Why not add an Erkel-inspired pair of suspenders! (Just kidding)
  •  DO get risky and try bangs! The best kind of bangs? Straight ones, of course!
  •  DO try bold eye-shadow! Just don’t do it TOO bold!  Heidi Klum, Taylor Momsen, and Adele have “experimented” with this look and have successfully pulled it off! WARNING: Only some (some!!!) people tend to look nice in eye-shadow!
  • DO let your inner vintage girl burst out! Vintage can never be out of style, and that it takes real guts and good taste to pull it off. From little vintage 70’s style dresses, blazers and straw hats to vintage couture, you can playfully mix up your love for vintage with anything and everything this season. You can’t go wrong with vintage!
  • DO go crazy with neon colors! Mix the riveting colored pieces with your wardrobe! It adds a sizzling and saucy touch to your look, making it fun and vibrant. Let your confidence go hard-core with neon accessories too, it’ll liven up any (and I mean ANY) look.

I hope these Do’s help you (and your closet) look a MILLION times more fashionable!

“How Do I Get Perfectly Straight Hair?”

Sup! Today we’ll go over a national crisis… How to get straight (and I mean STRAIGHT) hair. Now, let’s stop with the seriousness and get to business! Here are the steps:

  • STEP ONE: Wash your hair good (no conditioner!)
  • STEP TWO: Brush your hair from the inside (review “The Correct Way of Brushing Your Hair”)
  • STEP THREE: Dry your hair throughly
  • STEP FOUR: Get your straightner and get a small peice of hair and straighten it
  • STEP FIVE: Do this until you’ve straighten all your hair
  • STEP SIX: After straightening, brush your hair gently
  • HIDDEN STEP NO ONE EVER TOLD YOU: Immediately put your hair in a ponytail! Remember, don’t make the ponytail tight at ALL!!!! Then, add hairspray to all of your hair!

The ponytail (for some strange reason) makes your hair straighter. And the hairspray? I have no idea why it works. I’m an expert at fashion, not science!

“Should I Wear Make-up?”

What’s up! Know, through my years of experience (16 years, to be exact), I’ve been asked this question the most. But really, what is make-up? Make-up is a substance that covers blemishes and imperfections of the skin. It is also a substance that is used to look more lively and attractive, therefore, if your beautiful and have no marks on your skin, why use it? But if you’re a pretty girl who likes to play with cosmetics, here are some tips:

  • Use mascara when you have short eyelashes.
  •  Use LIGHT (light!) lip gloss. I personally recommend cherry-ish colors, like the L’Oreal kind of lip gloss. Dollar Store glosses work fine, too.
  •  I don’t think lipstick is good to wear at a young age. It makes you look like a clown… SERIOUSLY.
  • Eye-shadow is a BIG no-no. Many people put on eye-shadow, thinking that they already know how to, and turn out to look like total idiots. If you STILL wanna apply eye-shadow, check out Makeup Geek TV’s Eye-Shadow video.
  • Eyeliner looks nice when done by a professional. Just like eye-shadow, if done wrong, it will make you look like an idiot. Eyeliner should only be done on the upper part of the eye, if you know what I mean. To see how to apply eyeliner, watch Makeup Geek TV’s Eyeliner make-up video, and skip to 1:39 to get the action. The parts before that just show you the liners that are right for you and stuff (I highly recommend watching that part).
  • Blush is a must have for every girl! The best kind? The red blush. Pink blush just makes you look like a doofus. Other-colored blush (green, purple, yuck!) make you look like an even BIGGER doofus.

I hope this helped you VERY much. To watch make-up related videos, go to this link: . Then when it says “Sorry! We couldn’t find BlaBla…” type in Makeup Geek TV! It’s the BEST! So, I hope you girlies have a great week!