“Should I Wear Make-up?”

What’s up! Know, through my years of experience (16 years, to be exact), I’ve been asked this question the most. But really, what is make-up? Make-up is a substance that covers blemishes and imperfections of the skin. It is also a substance that is used to look more lively and attractive, therefore, if your beautiful and have no marks on your skin, why use it? But if you’re a pretty girl who likes to play with cosmetics, here are some tips:

  • Use mascara when you have short eyelashes.
  •  Use LIGHT (light!) lip gloss. I personally recommend cherry-ish colors, like the L’Oreal kind of lip gloss. Dollar Store glosses work fine, too.
  •  I don’t think lipstick is good to wear at a young age. It makes you look like a clown… SERIOUSLY.
  • Eye-shadow is a BIG no-no. Many people put on eye-shadow, thinking that they already know how to, and turn out to look like total idiots. If you STILL wanna apply eye-shadow, check out Makeup Geek TV’s Eye-Shadow video.
  • Eyeliner looks nice when done by a professional. Just like eye-shadow, if done wrong, it will make you look like an idiot. Eyeliner should only be done on the upper part of the eye, if you know what I mean. To see how to apply eyeliner, watch Makeup Geek TV’s Eyeliner make-up video, and skip to 1:39 to get the action. The parts before that just show you the liners that are right for you and stuff (I highly recommend watching that part).
  • Blush is a must have for every girl! The best kind? The red blush. Pink blush just makes you look like a doofus. Other-colored blush (green, purple, yuck!) make you look like an even BIGGER doofus.

I hope this helped you VERY much. To watch make-up related videos, go to this link: www.youtube.com/makeupgeektv . Then when it says “Sorry! We couldn’t find BlaBla…” type in Makeup Geek TV! It’s the BEST! So, I hope you girlies have a great week!


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