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“How Do I Get Perfectly Straight Hair?”

Sup! Today we’ll go over a national crisis… How to get straight (and I mean STRAIGHT) hair. Now, let’s stop with the seriousness and get to business! Here are the steps:

  • STEP ONE: Wash your hair good (no conditioner!)
  • STEP TWO: Brush your hair from the inside (review “The Correct Way of Brushing Your Hair”)
  • STEP THREE: Dry your hair throughly
  • STEP FOUR: Get your straightner and get a small peice of hair and straighten it
  • STEP FIVE: Do this until you’ve straighten all your hair
  • STEP SIX: After straightening, brush your hair gently
  • HIDDEN STEP NO ONE EVER TOLD YOU: Immediately put your hair in a ponytail! Remember, don’t make the ponytail tight at ALL!!!! Then, add hairspray to all of your hair!

The ponytail (for some strange reason) makes your hair straighter. And the hairspray? I have no idea why it works. I’m an expert at fashion, not science!